The ZFC-5HD offers precise and variable zoom speed control available for LANC (Sony/Canon) and Panasonic cameras, controled by a selector switch. Equipped with a 2-step zoom speed control for LANC cameras. In addition, the ZFC-5HD is equipped with a focus control button for LANC and a focus dial for Panasonic cameras.
Exclusively for LANC cameras, the ZFC-5HD has an on/off remote power switch function which allows your camera to power on/off remotely. This is ideal when shooting with a jib arm or crane. Can be clamped on various equipment: tripod pan handles, jib arm and a crane weight bars, stabilizers, monopods and other accessories.
*LANC is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

Weight 0.16kg / 0.4lb
Size 75 x 50mm / 3 x 2″
Cable length 0.7m / 2.3′